Three Things TO Know About As a Computer Science Student

Things to know about Computer science

Things to know about Computer science

Like we said some student choose to study computer science in the higher institution, like University, Polytechnic, College of education and some other institution so today we want to discuss “three things to know about as a computer science student”. It is very important to know the things you can achieve as a computer student so here are the little things you need to focus with and master one out the rest.


If you choose computer programming well, It is the most important thing in computer science that every student must understand, Computer programming is very easy to learn even if you don’t have enough knowledge with some online tools can help you to learn to programme fast And easy as for me I use w3school to learn programming and it help me a lot. so if you perfect to computer programming you can easily make money from it as a student by writing a program such as designing of website and application or software using, HTML, JAVA, CSS, PHP, MySQL etc.

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Computer Networking

Computer networking is an online tool, that base on the internet the words “Computer Networking” means, a computer is networking, networking is an internet-based tool. Without computer networking, the world is useless so book the page and ask Google about it. Computer networking help the internet worker to develop more networking, such as web servers, networking like universal, MTN, Airtel, GLO, Etisalat, and computer connect to each other we refer it as computer networking. Choosing computer networking we help you game a lot of money in your future.

Computer Operator/ computer engineering

The computer operator is like having a personal computer at home or doing a public business of operating all type of computer such as:
HP Computer
Dell Computer
Ipad computer
Lenovo computer
HTC Computer e.t.c.
Installing and changing computer accessory is also another part of a computer operating. With all those kind of operating you we make a lot of money from it as a student an example of computer operating /computer engineering are having a computer Cafe Typing and printing document for people. An example of computer engineering is having a shop base on computer repairing, troubleshot of computer accessory repairing and replaying etc. with those tools am sure if you fellow one of it you we make a great future.


We still remain MST, means” MySchoolTutorial” fellow those steps achieve what you want, my advice is to build your future by choosing any one of the following step guides and do share this post if you find my article helpful Best of Mark Abahi.


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