how to design logo on coreldraw X3 using photoshop style

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Welcome Myschooltutorial visitors, we are sorry for not being updating this website due to some issues on the web hosting and servers errors, they were also an issue besides the manager of this website and the hosting provider we are surely apologies to all of you that we are back to work, and we promise to update you all the time so keep your eyes on MST. If you have any question to ask or having problem of visiting this website feel free to contact the manager of “MST means Myschooltutorial”, or drop and comment you we receive feedback as soon as possible, in this today article we want to share some stuff with you and the title of the post is “how to design logo on CorelDraw using Photoshop-style” so let go striate to the point.

Step one: what is CorelDraw

CorelDraw is a desktop publishing package which is meant for graphics designation, it is mostly applied in the publication media etc, printing press, computer offices.
How to design logo on CorelDraw, In this tutorial I we being using CorelDraw X3 true out.
Click on CorelDraw X3 and launch after successful open design logo, click on Ellipse tool or Complex star tool to draw the logo of your choice.
After successful drawing the logos on CorelDraw x3 copy your work and switch to Photoshop CS3 to add some style.

Tutorial overview

Step two: how to use photoshop style.

Photoshop is a desktop publishing package which is meant for a web designer, graphic designers and videos conversation etc. to use photoshop style on your logo follow the step below:
Launch Photoshop and click on your saved work from CorelDraw or past your copied work into the photoshop drawing box.

Step three: Creating the Shadow

Duplicate the Shape 1 layer as described above. Name it Shadow Layer Change the colour of this new layer to black (#000000). Go to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur. Choose a radius of 2.75 pixels. Your image should look like this now:
Now drag the Shadow Layer underneath Shape 1 in the Layers window. Right click on Shadow Layer and select ‘Create Clipping Mask’ Your image logo should now have the nice shadow effect.

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Step four: Add the Text

We’ll now add text to our logo. Unfortunately, the default Windows font selection isn’t exactly too great. So instead of using tired, stale fonts like Arial, we’ll head over to Google fonts and download a bunch of new, modern fonts.

Step five: Add a Background Gradient

This is the final step to give our logo a bit of dramatic flair.
Click the ‘Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer’ button at the bottom of the Layers Window.

how to design logo on coreldraw X3 using photoshop style 1

Choose ‘Gradient’. In the window that pops up, select ‘Radial’ under Style. Make sure to check the ‘Reverse’ option at the bottom.
Now, double click on the gradient colour in the window. The gradient edit window will pop up. Play around with the colours and settings for a while until you find something you like.
As a final step, drag your gradient layer below all the other layers in the Layers window, which should look like this:
Your logo is now complete!


With those tools we surely know how to design a logo on Photoshop or CorelDraw x3 and please share this post if you find it helpful.


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