How to create a blogspot blog and make money

Did you love free blogging platform!
In my first article, I have early writhed how to state a blog and make money, I also point another article how to create a blog using domainking.
Domainking is one of the tops and cheap website hosting provider in Nigeria, Domainking offers weekend free for life domain name every Friday and Sunday to participate on Domainking Lucky winner of the week you must have the following in other to get the free domain:

  1.  You must have Domainking account.
  2.  You must have a domain Register at domain king.
  3. You must have a hosting account.

Now that we have discussed how to get the free domain name from Domainking weekend offer you can go ahead and give it a try don’t forget to bookmark this page to give us feedbacks whether you are lucky or not.

What to known before jumping to free Blogspot blog is own by big organization call Google, Google design this Blog platform for two main option;

  1. this is the every free version of the blogger this version is for those freemium bloggers that don’t take blogging seriously.
  2. this is the pro blogger version for people who take blog serious but it has very big issue when it comes to customized the blog as a beginner I highly Recommended you to get start with self-hosting blog “WordPress” this blog platform comes with full future when you get Start with WordPress the is when you take not that WordPress is more better than blogger.

Let me stop waiting must of time and let go the setup.

How to start Blogspot blog!

Get start with Blogspot blog is very easy evening if you don’t have any knowledge about HTML, CSS you can start to create BlogSpot blog in less than 2mins.

To Create Blogspot blog

  1. Visit please use support browser in other to get full access to the site.
  2. Type your blog name on that box, Example:
  3. Type your blog title, Example: my Entertainment blog.Set up blogger
  4.  Select blog theme that you can early change it later or you go to jojotheme to get a new premium theme for free.
    Finally, you have done with the free Blogspot now its time to get the domain for your blog.

How to get domain for your blog!

In the section, we’ll be treating how to buy your blog domain from Domainking. To buy a domain from Domainking is very easy now let go to the tutorial.

To buy domain name from Domainking.

  1. Visit the official site at start and click on the left table ‘’Register domain”.Buy domain name
  2. Enter your unique domain name, Example: or and click on “look up” to search for your domain if it available click on continue.
  3. Click all the box out 1. I want Domainking to Register my domain name with free email, free Cpanel, account setup.Domain king free email
  4.  The final step is to make your payment and set up your Blog or if you can’t buy the domain name for yourself you can contact me and I we do it free of charge for you Send email: [email protected]
    You can also use this tools to increase your blog traffic for Free.


Never give up the best way to create your first-time blog is to follow this tutorial and set your Goal.

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