How to download videos from YouTube

Download video from YouTube using Uc browser fast and easy.

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Download video from YouTube flowchart diagram.

There are so many methods uses for downloading video from YouTube, but today we are sharing a new trick which I have been using without Plugin or software and the trick is how I use UC browser to download video from YouTube so today you can try it too. Watching any video of your choice and download it at any time.

Download video from YouTube

Do follow each of the steps, and below are the step by step guide on how to download video from YouTube:

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Step one: visit and watch a video of your choice.
Step two: add the below URL words “SS” to the following, after the www. E.g : original YouTube videos download link.

Step three: click on the link and wait for the page to load and then choice download format.

Other Method for downloading youtube video?

The second method uses to download youtube videos if you tried downloading youtube videos using the first method of this post, then! I would recommend you to follow this guide it would be helpful to you.
The requirement of this method?
Pc/desktop or mobile phone
A strong browser
A strong internet connection
PC/ DESKTOP OR MOBILE PHONE: mean if you have any of the above devices, you’re qualified to proceed to the next level
A STRONG WEB BROWSER: means you should install a stable browser to your device. An example of a secure web browser is:- Chrome, Firefox.
STRONG INTERNET CONNECTION: means you should use a healthy internet connection 3GB or 4GB if your device has this feature. It will be a great move if you prefer to choose or switch to the recommended network.


  1. Visit
  2. Copy the video you which to download link, or add the below words to the YouTube video URL “PP” example Means the video URL or,
  3. Visit
  4. Past the copied video link y2mate download convert box.
  5. Click download and select the format of your choice.

Done, those are the step to download YouTube videos, and if you feel unhappy with those trick, please drop a comment, and if you love this tutorial #rating and share it with your friends.


MST remain the best as we have been doing before and we’ll keep on updating new staff in MST as we promise. Using this trick then you don’t need to download software of Plugin before downloading video from YouTube, do share this post if you love reading my hard working.

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