How to hide your WordPress theme name

They are so many reasons why you may want to hide your WordPress theme name, and those include.?

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How to hide WordPress theme name the right way.


Detect tools help for the easy attack

Everybody most knows.

How Hackers get access to your theme?

it is no longer a piece of news that hackers attract website owner and they do this each day, over 1.5 million websites got hacked every single day, you may have watch hacking new channel, but we pray so you may not be apart of those people. If you which to keep your website self then this tutorial is for you.

Detect tool help for easy attack?

this means when you do research about a particular niches and people use online fake tool that display all your personal website Data to public view, let assume you find those fake tool claim to display real Data of a website worth earning, and traffic by using people website it detects current Data and the Data would not change however you use popular website, it will still show exactly with your new website means why your website and the popular website worth earning and traffic the same way. The answer is no? And that is not the end, those websites display recently website detect on all searching engine such as Google, Bing, and Yandex, which is not a good habit.

Why should everybody knows your theme?

those ideas don’t make sense, if worldwide know the theme a particular blog is using, as a Blogger I advise you to read through this tutorial it will help you a lot, since nobody knows tomorrow, you wouldn’t know Ware a particular code came from before displaying “website is been hacked that you should so, so body for releasing your website by paying big amount of money that is not the end, the end is that you should go through this tutorial and learn how to keep or hide WordPress theme name the right ways, keep reading let move to the tutorial.

How to hide WordPress theme name?

If you purchased WordPress theme from MyThemeShop, good you are in the right place and if none MyThemeShop user? Well, this tutorial is for general and is very important, but I we use MyThemeShop because they allow the user to update automatic theme that has been hidden by the user, it doesn’t mean if you rename the theme, MyThemeShop we’ll keep you and your theme up-to-date. A lot of theme developer or reseller use those feature to hide WordPress name without losing nothing. To hide your WordPress theme follow each of the steps listens below.

  1. Visit Ware, you purchased the WordPress theme and download it to your computer, for a MyThemeShop user to visit MyThemeShop dashboard and click my purchase searching and download the theme.
  2. Locates Ware you download the file and tap on rename the WordPress theme to any name you wish.
  3. Now upload the WordPress theme into your website, under “public_html” tap on “wp-content” then select theme and upload the theme.
    If you have already uploaded or currently using the theme right now on your website follow those steps. I advise to do a backup of your WordPress database, and your current WordPress set up.
  4. Visit your hosting Cpanel, not yet with host account get started here.
WordPress cpanel setting
WordPress cpanel, on file manager
  1. Click on the ” file manager” under the file section. 
  2. Click on “public_html” and tap on “wp-content” then select the theme, right-click the theme and rename the folder.
How to hide your WordPress theme name 1

Now reflash the page after renaming the theme folder.
What next, the next few things you need to do now is by making little change in your theme “style.css”, you can either do this via your Cpanel or WordPress admin dashboard. To proceed the above feature the follow those steps.

  1. Login to your Cpanel and click on “file manage” section, and locate or search for “public_html” and click on “wp-includes”.
WordPress cpanel
WordPress cpanel setting

Steps 3: Click on the theme and select theme you wish to do little code on…

Now click on “style.css” or right and open it or edit, now do change you wish to do, by changing the theme name and author name to ours.
You have done with the above steps and if you perfect editing via Wp-admin dashboard then you could follow the above step.

Like I said:

How to make WordPress private why work on it

How to remove malicious code from WordPress site

Editing via Wp-admin dashboard?

  1. Visit the WordPress dashboard and click on “appearance”. Under the theme, section clicks on “Edit” and wait for the page to load.
  1. Select”style.css” and change the theme name to the previous name you rename and change the author name to your name, then click on save. Final words reflash page after making these changes and hit back to your homepage.


Finally you have done successfully rename and hide your WordPress theme name for public views, and make sure when doing each step try to save and bookmark this page for best practices, I will be updating this page frequently so bookmark this tutorial, by following each step we surly hide your WordPress theme name, serious Bloggers well read through this and will do according to this tutorial, and do follow your New page or share this tutorial with your friends if found this post helpful, am looking forward to hearing your positive feedback via comment.

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