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what is the difference between https and HTTP,
Like I said in my last previous article “understanding the URL structure” so today we do like to drop this wonderful post. Many people failed into this categorial asking google, webmaster, also in the blog forum with this exact question. So today Myschooltutorial is here to briefly explain those topics to you “differences between HTTP and HTTPS´ Namely, we are providing you the simple step by step instruction and guidelines tutorial, keep reading.

Some necessary background about HTTP and https?

The HTTP is called the internet protocol, and internet protocol is a set of rule that governs the transmission of data or communication on a particular network. With the use of HTTP in a domain name is highly recommend, why https is an upgrade of senior HTTP. Now understand the HTTP and most importance.
HTTP means (Hypertext Transfer protocol) namely, and sometimes it refer As the “IP” means INTERNET PROTOCOL. The IP and the HTTP is a part of the transmission and communication and the internet.

What is better http or https?

Recently a friend of mine asked me this exact question, and that is why I do decide to share this wonderful answer with you. Currently, the HTTP and HTTPS are protocols being used to transport information over the internet. The correct answer is HTTPS is the best, and why is it the best whether you are a blogger, or you want to start a blog, or a webmaster recommends you to use https on your business website.

what is the difference between HTTPS and HTTP

HTTP: unsecured information exchange protocol or no trust, beware of it.

HTTPS: Secured Information ExCHange protocol or trust authentication information received is secured.
In the above step provide additional information about the unsecured and secured protocol. Recommend choosing HTTPS for business to stand as a professional star on your business.

Like I said

Understand the URL structure


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Always make the right decision and choose what fit your business, it means that you all mind in one and chooses which HTTP extension would fit use to your business, I prefer HTTPS and what about you. If you plan to use HTTPS on your business website, then you need to store this advice in your mind, and my advice goes… to help you choose the right HTTP to consider the high two importance “ISP” MEANS INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER. See an example of “ISP” ARE:


With Bluehost, once you order hosting package with them you got free access to unlimited HTTPS I have written “the ultimate guide for getting start with Bluehost” is your recommended post or tutorial.

Domainking provides lifetime free HTTPS TO ALL his customer. How it works, you order with them, and they give you lifetime access to free HTTPs, here is my post on how to get started with domaining.

Cloudflare is another top “CDN” that offer free HTTPS to their client (CDN) means content delivery network, we’re still working on the write up on how to set up free HTTPS with Cloudflare” so stay turn once the post is released we’ll notify you via email recommend you to subscribe to MST to receive your latest post.



Is HTTP or https more secure?

They are so many reasons why https is better than HTTP, and the reason goes…
When you own a business website the is a reason why https is the best fit to your business.

: it helps the user quickly understand how you website stores their personal information like a credit card, name, and location checkout page: your data is encrypted, and no chance of data is transfer between you and the user.

SEO: SEO means searching engine optimization, namely with https it help increase the ranking of your website or trust authority in your niches.

TRAFIC: https itself do not generate traffic to your business page but help your visitor to stay turn beside your website from time to time.


All true, it is not compulsory to use https secured connection ” on your business website but it very important to use https because it helps increase conversation and trust authority of the website.

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Put up what good or bad for you all are in your hand, having https version is very important like I have said in my first section of this post.
So my advice for you is to go and look for what right for your business and make sure not to put it into reason later.


Currently we are still working on the tutorial and the instruction on how to set up https on website, for this reason, and for that reason we don’t want to drop the guild besides this post, but we want it to be helpful and more understanding that is why we are separating or shipping this section at the moment. Recommended you to stay turn once it releases you we see it on MST daily feed.


HTTPS improve your website user experience it also improves SEO searching engine optimization ranking of your business having https secured connection to optimize website loading spend and engagement with your visitors.

Withier you are using HTTP or HTTPS is less for you to decide which protocol can serve and improve your website. Using HTTP is good, but when it for a business website like sale pitch is a nasty habit, the HTTPS is the best of all because it secure third party and information share via data is private.

I hope this article is helpful if so share it with your friends👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦👩‍✈️.

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