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Welcome to MST, last previous time we discusshow to design logo in CorelDraw X3 using Photoshop-style So today we’ll be treating how to improve website loading speed improve/SEO, Improve website speed is not an easy day job but in this article, we’ll lecture you how to improve your website to load faster.

What is improve and speed?

Here let us see the meaning of improving ‘to become better than before’, Why speed is to make your website load faster. Improve example: my quality of life has improved tremendously since I move to the new country to improve my website.

What is speed?

This is a part of making the website load faster than before, in other words, speed is to increase or cause to increase in speed or rate accelerate in loading performance.

How to improve website loading, improve/SEO?

Since we have explained on how to improve website loading speed so here we step forward to the tutorial and do follow each of the step best SEO practice to improve web page on blogger and WordPress users.

  1. GOOGLE PAGESPEED INSIGHT is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily test the speed of your web page, Entering a URL of your website and hitting “analytze” will quickly get you a detail report of what slowing that web page based on two parameters, complete with a recommendation on how to fix it.
  2. PINGDOM: Pingdom is online speed checker tools that help the bloggers and webmasters to test and improve their website issue and fix the issue in a normal way. With Pingdom, you can able to know the issue rotate to your web page visit Pingdom and text your page loading speed.
  3. GTMATRIX: is one of the most useful tool I found, GTmatrix is one of the tools that you have found yourselves using more and more to get detailed reports about your website performance. It is a free tool that analyzes your pages speed performance using GTmatrix we help you improve your web page speed loading and fix them.


With those three (3) web page speed checker tools can help you improve your web page loading performance, we advise to follow each the step below and you we surely get the best solution to fix slowing loading speed on your website and again Do share this web page if you found my article helpful.

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