Learning Qbasic programming examples and exercises

Qbasic programming examples and exercises, Qbasic has become more involved than other programming languages, Qbasic is one of the first things first to Learn when studying computer science. Qbasic programming is so popular and easy to learn for the beginners, it help improve your ideas. In my last previous article “start here” and is about learning programming online,

Qbasic programming examples and exercises

So today Tutorial we are very interesting and helpful to get more ideas, Qbasic is very useful for a student especially a computer science student to install and use on their personal computer (PC). So now before we get started, we recommend you to download Qbasic for the official website.

Why should you download Qbasic?

You may have already put the question in your mind, but the answer is unique and easy to understand. With Qbasic, it will help you a lot.

Qbasic do not use for developing software, website or application but it is essential to focus on QBasic, once you understand the basic structure of Qbasic, you will get more ideas and more familiar with the process that we move you to the next level. Recommend you to read list of Computer Science course for first class.

Download Qbasic software?

We are providing you with the official site where you can download the software and details instructions.

STEP 1: click the above link “Qbasic bit version softwareORQbasic software.”

STEP 2: tap download and select computer operating bit, neither 34 or 64 bit.

If you don’t know your computer operating bit, follow the above instructions.

  • Turn On your computer system, neither desk board computer(DC) or personal computer (PC).
  • Click or use the keyboard, press the window logo key.
  • Right, Click on the computer an select “properties.”

Now you will be able to see something show image above
Once you get to know your computer operating bit, now processed from step 2: and download the software to your company.

STEP 3: Install the software and launch or restart your computer.
Once you have done with the above steps, now let move to the next level by understanding the fact about Qbasic.

What is basic programming?

Qbasic simple provide means, and they’re ” Beginner All purpose instruction code” It has become one of the most widely used programming languages for personal computer (PC) or dashboard computer (DC). The language is considered merely as the program can be written after few hours of practice by beginners in Programming.

Getting into a Basic programming environment?

This concept is otherwise known as loading BASIC it means that processing of entering into Basic programming environment by the programmer so that he can execute or run the programs on the computer.

Now we formally look at the steps involved in loading Basic which are considered to be quite easy, even though they depend on the version of Qbasic, I dealest of Basic in use.

Entering through DOS version?

STEP 4: switch on your computer and launch DOS
STEP 5: Type Qbasic and press the “enter” key
STEP 6: press the button “ESC” key

Existing Qbasic?

To exist or return to the DOS environment, the following step is involved.

  1. Press “Alt + F.”
  2. Type “x”

The above two operations, you find your system back to the DOS environment.
Now you have installed Qbasic, and you have understood the instructions, you have also understood the definition and step involve loading Qbasic. The next few things for you to do is testing yourself, now let move how to write a program on Qbasic.
How to write a program on Qbasic?
The above step we’ll be treating and lecture you how to use the Qbasic software. Now let see and move to the tutorial and please keep in mind that Example is involved, so they are no need to worry.

Write A program to display my first work on Qbasic?


1. CLS
2. Rem “A program to display my first work on QBasic.”
3. Rem “Mark Abahi writes the program.”
4. Input A
5. Let A = “My first program on QBasic.”
6. Print A
7. End

EXAMPLE: the example session provides you for what we have written so far.

  • The number 1,2,3,5, to 7 are the numbers of line on the program
  • CLS mean clean the screen, before the program to proceed the CLS we clean the previous program so it can proceed new results.
  • REM: a remark or add comments to program.
  • INPUT: statement says to input something in other to proceed.
  • LET: LET statement allow to you define or give value to something.
  • PRINT: a statement saying to print the results of what you have done.
  • END: The End statement is used to end the program finally. the END statement is the end tag of the program.

Qbasic programming Examples and exercises pdf

Reading Qbasic programming Examples and exercises offline is other great idea, we are working on the PDF at the moment. We’ll updates the post once the PDF is ready, so for now keep your eyes open and bookmark this page.

Now you have understood the exercises, explanation and the example. Need in mind that this is just the beginning, So let move to the next level and do try yourself and be familiar with this tutorial it helps you a lot.

We’ll update you on the next Qbasic Tutorial, so do subscriber to MST email list to receive the latest Tutorial.


With the above subject and step, you will surely achieve more ideas on Qbasic. Qbasic is programming software that help the beginner to understand the language written in the base, and it also guides the beginner to succeed in Programming.
MySchoolTutorial com to be the best and top online Tutorial that helps the beginner to learn new stuff and Improve his/ her knowledge.

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