how to upload Pinterest verification file to WordPress

They! My school tutorial fans, in this today article we’ll be treating how to verify your WordPress website on Pinterest, Why Pinterest? Pinterest is a fast load SEO social media website and it has become more popular in the world. So in this today tutorial, we’ll take it in simple steps by steps guide.

Why Using Pinterest?

They are many reasons why we use Pinterest

  • To get more customers or promoting a Blog post.
  • To increase website traffic.
  • Manage site SEO and monitor traffic from PN webmaster tools.

Why is it important for a website owner to have Pinterest account?

It is very important for the premium publisher and the small business owner, Pinterest has a lot of future more than Facebook, Pinterest makes it easy for you to increase website traffic and Seo friendly with Pinterest everything is easy once you verify your websites at Pinterest webmaster tools.

What to verify site on Pinterest to get free traffic?

  1. Login your Pinterest account and click on the right Red button of setting.
  2. Click on profile setting, now enter your website URL at the white button.
  3. Upon adding your website URL, click on confirm site, and copy the meta tags which was given to you to past on your website.
Into: How to get traffic to your website fast

How to add meta file tag to WordPress?

  1. Login to WordPress dashboard click on plugin then search for “Vdz verification” or download from WordPress official site.
  2. Upload the plugin then click on activate.
  3. Upon activation, click on appearance under Theme option then click on customize.
  4. The final step is to click on vdz verification and past the Pinterest meta tag then done.


Increase website traffic through your Pinterest account and backlinks, this tutorial shows you the simple steps by steps to get website verified at Pinterest. For additionally if you have any question regarding this tutorial feel free to drop your issues via comment and don’t forget the share this tutorial with your friends.

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