Remove website field from wordpress comments

Remove website field from wordpress comments
Remove WordPress URL comment field the right way

Remove website field from wordpress comments, building a WordPress blog is very easy, but when it came up with this comment section (“SPC” means Spam people comments). It became spam website once you begin to approve spam comments, you love Blogging on WordPress perform, whether you are bloggers, webmasters, business owner, internet marketers and many more out they, we advise you to read through this today Tutorial and disabled your blog URL for the comment section.

Why should you remove URL from comment?

This question should be on your mind and try to answer the question, the right way in your own words, and I have clearly written the answer.

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You should remove the URL from the comment section because people really love spamming, those people that are trying to spam your website is neither from the above reason:

  • Traffic
  • Backlink

Traffic: the popular your website becomes, the more people love commenting on your website with their blog URL, this means, if a user read your content and read the following comments, if the commenter drop helpful comment, the visitors now click the profile of the commenter, and it we redirect the visitors to the commenter website. This option generates more traffic for those that love commenting on a blog post, but is not a good ideas to allow this option on your website, I recommend you to put this into consideration, neither you offer free traffic for commenters or neither not allow them, if you perfect “NO” then this article is for you.

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Backlink: backlink is another big issue those days, without backlink, it would be very difficult to rank your business. This option, those that want to get a backlink from your website for free, or without asking for permission, by adding their website URL and Google count the backlink once the comment is approved. Those that wish to spam your website there add comments related to their website or none niches with website signal, neither the use of bots software or by doing online physically behavior.

Example of spam comments is, the name section, they now put their website URL or neither keywords of their website, and that is not the end. If you are a serious Bloggers you should put the tutorial into consideration by Disabling URL for the comment section because people are trying to build backlink from your website without paying for…? or asking for permission that I use this link to get a backlink from your blog. Disabled or remove URL from comment section we help improve your website or user experience.

Remove website field from wordpress comments?

To Remove URL from comment section do follow each of the steps above.

Step 1: copy the above code

[one_third]function wpb_alter_comment_form_fields($fields) { // Modify Name Field and show that it’s Optional $fields[‘author’] = ‘

‘ . ‘ ‘ . ( $req ? ‘*‘ : ” ) . ‘

‘; // Modify Email Field and show that it’s Optional $fields[’email’] = ‘

‘; // This line removes the website URL from comment form. $fields[‘url’] = ”; return $fields; } add_filter(‘comment_form_default_fields’, ‘wpb_alter_comment_form_fields’);[/one_third]


Step 2: Visit WordPress dashboard, and click on appearance, and tap on Edit.

Step 3: Select and click on the function.php file of your WordPress theme.

Step 4: Now roll down, the last code of the function.php file past the copied code, then click on the save button and refresh the page.

Now do little change on your WordPress sitting under discussion section.On your WordPress dashboard, click on setting and select discussion.


Follow the image and do click the box as shown below.

Save your work and refresh the page.
After doing that your comment section well now looks like this.


Those are the steps above show you how to remove or disabled URL comment section, if you want to disable your WordPress URL comment section then this article is for you. And don’t forget sharing and subscribing to your channel to receive the newly released update via email, and if you have questions related to this tutorial feel free to drop a comment, we will be glad to help you stay tuned with MST.

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