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How to do research with jaaxy keyword planner tool.

In my previous article I have written the complete details about jaaxy and how it improves my ideas and website, so today we would like to guide you on how to do keywords research on jaaxy to RANK high, please note: you have not yet read previous article”jaaxy best SEO keywords planner tool” then it time for you to read, and if you have already done with those steps then let move to the tutorial.
How to do research on jaaxy?

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How to do research with jaaxy
How to do research with jaaxy
  1. Click on sign up and the link we display after clicking on it and don’t forget to input your current email address, username, and password.
  2. Confirm the details you provide and tap on “sign up

Now you have done with the registration, it time to start doing keywords research and monitoring which keywords is Ranking on Searching Engine such as, Google, Bing, Yahoo, mamma, Yandex and so many more.
See image of how your home screen looks like.

Like I said: Jaaxy keyword planner tool review

Now let us explain everything when doing keywords research so you could understand how to manage and how to use it, See example.

AVG means: the average number of searches the keyword receive per mouth
traffic: a visitor to a website if you achieve the first page on yahoo, google, bing.
QSR means quotes search results of the number of completing website ranking with an exact keyword.
QL means: keyword quality indicated green is great, yellow is good, red is poor, that means your keyword must be great.
seo means a score based on traffic and competition.
domain means the number of domain ranking for that exact keyword.

You can also use the “site rank tool to monitoring your website keyword, you should see the detail about my keywords and how it ranking on the first page in google, bing, and Yahoo.

Final words

Those are the tool to use, do research about content and get engagement from a reader with Jaaxy you will surely get 1 to 2 in a searching engine and that is not the end, you should try to do the research in the right way, and don’t forget sharing this post with friend if found helpful.

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