My website is being redirected to another site

How to fix your website for redirecting users to goodburber site.

How to fix redirecting on WordPress

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Last time I was facing exactly that issue with my site myschooltutorial, I was just testing how goodburber is! So I don’t know that they have some tilapia before I just jumped into creating my website app and I don’t know that after signed up for goodburber it will automatically add code to my website, I created the app and they give me unique DNS to put on my site in other for goodburber to have access to my site I change my DNS to goodburber and after 24 hours my website Begin to redirect users to goodburber home Page I think it was DNS patrons so I decided to wait for some hours again after 2days my website not still going so I decide to remove the DNS Record for my server I also remove my site Cname, AA record and the Goodburber DNS but the issues could not be fixed.

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It keeps driving traffic to goodburber the issue keeps increasing I can’t even access my wp-admin area again so I contact my hosting provider but he could not fix the issue I also contact goodburber about the redirecting of my website but the admin didn’t respond to my message after one week I could not find the solution before I come across an online tools “Seo Review tools” namely. I use this tools to scan my website and after scanning the site I find that the result comes with an HTML code was automatically added to my site during the first time I create the app so I use the tools again to scan my DNS record and that finally I was able to see the issue was at my end and I remove every DNS, Cname, AA record before my site begin to work.

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Now that I have told you my previous mistake and I fix the issue at my end so its time for you to fix your website if you face exactly this redirecting issue.


  1. The first thing you need to do is to check whether you have added any DNS to your site.
  2. Check your website header tag because sometimes if you create an app at goodburber they will automatically insert code to your website and that we load your site to big trouble.
  3. Visit and click on the domain you which to remove, to stop the redirecting right click on the life button then roll down and click on domain> delete this website for redirecting button and click on save done.


Now you have fixed the hacking treating redirect, we call it hack! When your website is hacked it will stop display your website home page when users visit your blog it will be redirecting traffic to an unknown website. If you are in trouble facing goodburber redirect then this article is for you, and don’t forget to share this tutorial or if you have any question upon this tutorial feel free to share your passion with us via comment.

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