WordPress version 5.0 review

Today is the day when Gutenberg will be declared the official content editor in WordPress 5.0!

Over the months, it has been a major topic for all WordPress users since it will replace the age-old classic editor of WordPress.
With this date coming up soon, our friend Adam from WPCrafter interviewedMatt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress and leaped into the future of this ecosystem, The new version of WordPress is a fast loading experience, this new version of WordPress comes with a lot of features and easy to use.

Features of WordPress version 5.0

  • Clean interface.
  • Improve website speed.
  • Hide pubic CSS that run down the web page.
  • Content writing makes easy.
  • Front-style italic, bold, heading and one High heading.
  • One click publishing.
  • Automatically save your work.
  • Automatically back up a WordPress site.
  • Post update and tag update and eaksy to use.

And many more, if you have not yet update your WordPress to the latest version of WordPress 5.0 then it is time for you to update and enjoy the new WordPress version.

Like I said:

Advice when updating?

Before you update make sure you back up your WordPress site and database, because maybe your hosting wouldn’t support the new version of WordPress, and if website these not support, it will not work properly on your website and again that is not the end, before doing this make sure you contact the host manager about updating to new version of the WordPress. Once you did all this you, we surely served and enjoy blogging on WordPress, and don’t forget to share this great opportunity post to your friends.

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